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3. The World Wide Web
2. On several Systems
1. Over the Air Channels:
05, 06, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 22, 47
Streaming Audio and Video
reaches several markets
Wenatchee Valley Community Television & Apple Valley TV is community supported, and we support the community back. Covering Wenatchee, Chelan, Leavenworth, Quincy, Moses Lake and all points in between of Central Washington…
About Wenatchee Valley Community TV
Wenatchee Valley Community Television would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to show you exactly what we can do for you. Our primary "Mission" is to provide you the most exposure for the least cost.

Since 1989 we have been here for you, keeping the channels of communications open between you and the public airwaves. We have grown each year just as our clients have grown and have expanded to other communities.

We are a locally owned, community supported operation.

KWCC proudly promotes local businesses, local events, local sports, local real-estate, public service announcements, public affairs, tourism and traditional values.

KWCC presents you with a unique opportunity to get your message to the public, with the POWER of TELEVISION, often called the "KING" of advertising media.
Mission Statement
“To protect and nurture channels of open communication for the citizens of the Wenatchee Valley.”
To provide the citizens of Chelan and Douglas Counties the best and most efficient services possible that protect and enhance the quality of life through planning, visionary leadership and dedicated directors and members.
Realizing that the strength of our mission lies in the commitment to the following values we believe in:
in our work, in our dedication to community service, and in being the best we can be.
in all our actions with employees, directors, members and public.
in meeting the present and future needs of the communities we serve.
with the communities we serve, citizens, members and team members in setting and attaining the community goals.
for, and belief in, individual differences and the worth of every person.
to our community, to this organization and to each team member.
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Charter Cable Channel 19
Chelan County Fiber Channel 12
Quincy Cable TV Channel 12
Ellensburg Cable TV Channel 12